Changsha, May 11, 2023 — Taixin Hydraulic will participate in the upcoming Changsha International Machinery Exhibition. This exhibition is a major event in the mechanical industry, attracting professionals and businesses from around the world.As a company committed to technological innovation and p
General Requirements 1.1 Valve specifications and categories shall comply with the requirements of the pipeline design documents. 1.2 The model of the valve shall be indicated with the national standard number requirements. If it is a corporate standard, the relevant description of the model should be indicated. 1.3 The working pressure of the valve is required to be ≥ the working pressure of the pipeline. Without affecting the price, t···
There may be two reasons why the solenoid valve cannot be closedFirst, physical obstacles, such as some gravel, dead leaves, and branches, prevent the complete sealing of the membrane. After removing these obstacles, it is necessary to check whether the membrane and accessories are damaged.The second is that the pressure acting on the upper diaphragm is too small, which may be due to the following reasons:
The installation and maintenance of throttle valves should pay attention to the following matters:This valve often requires operation, so it should be installed in a position that is easy to operate.During installation, pay attention to keeping the medium direction consistent with the arrow direction marked on the valve body.
1; wear-resisting; Due to the fact that the valve core of the hard sealed ball valve is alloy steel spray welded, and the sealing ring is alloy steel overlay welded, the hard sealed ball valve will not generate too much wear during opening and closing. (Its hardness coefficient is 65-70):