Ningbo Taixin Hydraulic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the main companies that produce hydraulic components for the former Ministry of Machinery and the Metallurgical Bureau.


By obtaining the ISO9001 international quality certification, the company is able to provide better service to its customers through standardized and professional production and technical support.


The company has made further development in the field of hydraulic parts manufacturing.


The company withstood the test of the world financial crisis.


Product research and development innovation department was established.To meet customer quality needs with scientific and technological innovation.


Foreign trade sales team was established. The company began to enter overseas markets, while the domestic market entered a period of rapid development.


The building of new factory completed,Due to the business development demand and the continuous expansion of the company, the company moved to the National Pneumatic Industrial Park in Xikou Town, Ningbo City in 2015.


Attended the Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany. Enterprises participate in various international exhibitions every year, won the trust of domestic and foreign customers.


The company complies with the needs of market development, promotes product innovation, equipment upgrading, scientific management and other measures, and further does a good job in supporting customer services.

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