The ball valve opening and closing member (ball) is driven by the stem and rotates around the ball valve shaft. Can also be used for fluid regulation and control, which is hard sealed V-ball valve V-core and surfacing cemented carbide metal seat shear force is strong, especially suitable for fiber, micro solid particles and other media. Multi-way ball valve can not only flexibly control the media confluence, shunt and flow switch, but also can close any channel to connect the other two channels. This valve should normally be installed horizontally in the pipe. Ball valve according to the driving mode is divided into pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve and manual ball valve.

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1. Type

valve block type ball valve DNO4-25

sleeve type ball valve DN32-50

2. Connecting methods

Reference table for thread specifications or pipe external diameter and connecting methods

NPT(PT) connection American standard NPT(PT)

UN/UNF internal thread connection

3. Valve body and connector material:1-carbon steel 4-Stainless steel

4. Valve body and control core shaft material:

1--Alloy steel 2--Braze  4--Stainless steel

5. ball body sealing material:1-POM

6. Sealing ring materials for connector and control core shaft :

2--NBR  4--fluororubber NOTE:material 1112 are common combinations

7.Handle type

01=aluminum hold loop handle, straight handle (AG)

02=aluminum hold loop handle, crane handle(AK)

03=galvanized hold loop handle, straight handle (ZG)

04=galvanized hold loop handle with installation bolts, crane handle(ZK) 

06=steel handle with installation bolts, crane handle (SK)

09=no handle

8.Series(by the manufacturer)

9.Surface protection


W=Environmental protection zinc(trivalency)

G= yellow zinc plating

Cosmetic dimensions


Connecting methodsType DNPN(bar)LW  RAd1iLL1BH h1h2h3SW1SW2
image.pngKHB-06LR 04500  04  06M12x1.51067402748 133580919
KHB-08LR 06500  06  08M14x1.51067402748 133580919
KHB-1OLR 08500  08  10M16x1.51174423253 174080927
KHB-12LR 10500  10  12M18x1.51174423253 173680927
KHB-15LR 13500  12  15M22x1.51282483553 174080930
KHB-15LR 16400  12  15M22x1.51282473862 1945110932
KHB-18LR 13315  12  18M26x1.51282483553 174081230
KHB-18LR 16315  15  18M26x1.51282473862 1945111232
KHB-22LR 20315  19  22M30x21410160487524.055111241
KHB-28LR 25315  24  28M36x21410864578228.564111450
KHM-35LR 32315  30  35M45x2161418475102.737.584.2120960
KHM-42LR 40315  36  42M52x2161629185113.742.595.2120970
image.pngKHB-08SR 04500  05  08M16x1.51273402748 133580919
KHB-10SR 06500  06  10M18x1.51273402748 133580919
KHB-12SR 08500  08  12M20x1.51276423253 173680927
KHB-14SR 10500  10  14M22x1.51480423253 173680927
KHB-16SR 13500  12  16M24x1.51486483553 174080930
KHB-16SR 16500  12  16M24x1.51486473862 1945110932
KHB-2OSR 13500  12  20M30×21690483553 174080930
KHB-20SR 16400  15  20M30x21690473862 1945110932
KHB-25SR 20315  20  25M36x21810960487524.055111241
KHB-30SR 25315  25  30M42×22012064578228.564111250
KHM-38SR 32315  30  38M52×2221538475102.737.584.2121460

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